Sunday, July 19, 2015

How Do You Balance Work/Home Life? I Don't.

My answer is:  You don't.  Right now I leave for work on Monday night I don't come back for four days.  The oldest pug has separation anxiety and barks all night, so we had to take care of that.  The vet put him on xanax.  My child is old enough now to make her own lunch and we share a car pool with the lady down the hall to get her to camp and back each day of the summer.   Her dad picks her up and the other two kids who live down the hall and makes sure she gets to bed on time.
The laundry backs up.  The pugs pee on the floor and no one notices for several days.  The towels get left at camp so now we have no towels in the house.  I spent 4 hours in the basement today doing laundry because I was gone all week working in Los Angeles and I live in San Diego.  Crazy, yes I know.  Work/life balance? What is that?  This is my life and its not balanced at all but I like it.  I created it.

You don't always have balance in life.  But you find time to get things done and make it work for you.   I got to the gym on my 3 day weekends to keep in shape and during the week I don't do much but go for a walk.  
How do you balance it all? I don't.  I pay for a housecleaner and whatever my husband can do for meals during the week when I am gone is fine with me.  I work from home on Monday and I make sure I pick my daughter up from camp and spend time with her before I go to LA for the work week.  I do what I can and that is good enough.   Every week is different.  I like the chaos of my life.  My husband is very grounded, has a very stable corporate job and does not travel for his job so he is always here.  My career is is in the fashion industry which is known to be unstable, crazy and lots of drama is par for the course.
It changes every week and that is fine.  On weekends we try to stay home and spend time together riding bikes or going to the beach.  
There really is no balance in the modern life, you just do what works for your family.  Its not like it was in the 1950's where everyone had defined roles in the family.   My balance means doing laundry in the basement for 4 hours on a Saturday night or taking the kid to a pub on Weds night so dad can have a beer. She likes the chicken fingers and fries and he can have his Pale Ale.  Other kids are in bed but its OK.  Whatever works for us.  You find your own balance in this crazy modern life.   #modernlife #work #life #worklifebalance #havingitall

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How Do You Come Up with New Ideas?

A lot of people ask how I come up with designs for handbags and accessories.  I actually design and come up with ideas as I sketch.  There is something about putting pen to paper that is part of the creative process.

In advance I may have tear sheets, leather swatches or samples of vintage handbags that inspire me for a specific collection but the actual shape and details of the bags don't appear until I sit down with a pencil and paper.

I don't sit at the computer and design a bag.  It is all done by hand surrounded by beautiful swatches and whatever inspires me.  

I think technology is fantastic.  I have been on social media and the Internet forever..but I am old school when it comes to the design process.   I love the smell of leather and playing around with my vintage accessories.   
Sketch in progress

Monday, July 6, 2015

Letters from the Philippines - Where Do I Get The Time?

Six months ago I was fixated on the project.  I flew to Southern Davao in the Philippines to retrieve my childhood pen pal letters and meet up with her again.   I was going to write a short story about our friendship that we had over the past 25 years.   Here I am months later and I have not started the project.  I have not even finished my taxes for 2014.

I have a lot of great ideas but not all of them happen.  I often wonder if there would even be any interest in our story?

She got Diabetes a few months ago and I thought my friend was going to die on me. She did not go to the hospital because of lack of funds or education.  I helped out with that and I think she is on the road to recovery or at least stability.

Is our friendship something to write about?  Would readers even want to read about that type of thing?  I have to decide if readers would really find the stories interesting.

That I still have to decide.  I know that everyone has a story, but would they want to read mine?
But then I think, I won't ever know unless I tell it.   I am not sure that I am a great story teller.  I don't know how to write like any of the great novelists.    I have to decide soon.  My life is not unlimited.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rodeo Drive

I had to go to Rodeo Drive to check out some fashion brands and their accessories.  To name a few Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, etc.

Flash back 15 years I used to work on Rodeo Drive at the Guess Store.   The usual Rodeo Drive shoppers were East Coast and Midwest tourists, overseas tourists, rich housewives and kids on summer break and the odd celebrity or two.

Today I stepped into the Guess store just for old times sake.  A Southern Woman that looked just like the New Jersey tanning mom was screaming at the sales clerks.  Her skin was orange and her boobs and lips were giant.   Her flaming red hair matched her temper.   It was too funny.  People think because they are shopping on Rodeo Drive they can be total assholes.  #OMG  Anyway I got a good photo.  I will write more later.


Rocco in Rodeo

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Really Short

What is?  Life. It's really short.  Do what you want to do.  TRAVEL. Start your dream job. Try something.  My husband and his brother have a good friend that grew up across the street from them dying of colon cancer.  He is 45 with three young children and a wife.   Sometimes it does not make sense why some people live to be over 100 and others are taken in their teens or 20's, and others in mid life.   I have no idea why.   Is it back luck or did God plan it that way?  If you die at 45 does that mean your work here on earth is done?  If you are still alive at 103 (like my grandma) does it mean your work here on earth is not done?  I wonder about that sometimes.

I don't have any of the answers and the older I get the less I think I know.  Being close to mortality is interesting.  A few weeks ago I was sort of intrigued with buying a house, getting a place to live.  The company I work for is always buying and selling homes in Beverly Hills and being around that I started to feel like I need a home.   But then that idea went away, because I felt closer to mortality like we are just here for as short time on the planet.  Maybe I don't need a home.  It doesn't really matter.

I don't know why I am still here.  I don't have all the answers.  I guess I am supposed to raise my daughter from Thailand and for that I am here.   That is just one reason.  That is enough reasons I guess for now.

Tauromina, Italy Photo by Tara Sauvage

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