Celebrating Diversity!

Celebrating Diversity
For Two Neighbors, the Israeli/Palestinian brand that I work with, our latest photo shoot featured normal women from all walks of life.

Check out some of the images here and let me know what you think. All images were shot by LaRae Lobdell - a photographer based out of the Greater Seattle area. To see more images please go to the website at 



TWO NEIGHBORS! New Handbags!

After waiting many weeks for our Palestinian embroidery artists to finish the straps and trim, we were able to complete the production of the Two Neighbors joint venture leather bag collection. I am excited to share that the bags are now in stock, they are ready to ship from Israel and we have some stock here in Southern California to ship to our friends in North America.

A few quick photos here to share the newest styles. There is the "Romi" round bag which features a handcrafted shoulder statement strap, then there is the "Mira' saddle bag which is available in black, tan or red Italian leather.

We also have the "Adeem" carry all tote which is great for work and can fit any size laptop! Check out the images here on our model and to shop please go to

This fashion brand that is changing the world...

Once in a while, you come across a fashion brand which is changing the world... Two Neighbors is doing just that! Their tagline is "Peace-Through the Eye of a Needle." Two Neighbors recently launched a gorgeous handbag collection that is grass roots join venture between Palestinian and Israeli women. The products are just beautiful. I am particularly fond of the Adeem tote bag (named after one of their Palestinian workers) - this red leather bag can hold everything but the kitchen sink and has an incredible hand woven embroidered shoulder strap.  I just ordered this bag in red! Can't wait to use it! 
From their website: Meet Adeem.
The "Adeem" carryall tote bag is perfect for your everyday work bag. Its open style fits a laptop and your work files. Gorgeous stitching and details make this bag an ideal addition to your handbag collection.

This tremendous carry-all bag was named after our Palestinian coordinator Adeem. Beautiful handcrafted…


Yesterday the news was all about the high school shooting in Florida. The Facebook posts starting piling up last night as more and more people lamented about how we need change and how there are too many guns in America. Then the other people who own guns went on a rampage and say that they have the right to own guns and it is mental illness and not guns that are killing people. The argument could go on until the cows come home. This post is not about the arguments.

There is another aspect that needs to be looked at closer.  That is the disconnect in our society. We have more money today, we are more connected than ever with our digital devices, but at the same time, we are more disconnected.

Now children do not come out to play. Instead, they sit inside their bedrooms playing video games or watching youtube videos. Tweens and teens spend hours on Instagram and social media. A generation or two ago teens met after school at the local burger joint. They talked to their friends in perso…

Spring 18 Collection Two Neighbors

Fashion Slow Lane As part of life in the fashion slow lane, I am working with a brand that is in the fashion slow lane as well as in the social innovation lane. Two Neighbors is social innovation at its finest. We create jobs for women that live in caves in the West Bank. Our brand features Palestinian embroidery, and the final garments are sewn in Tel Aviv. Our team is very diverse and features only women.

Two Neighbors is social impact at the grassroots level. We are slowly expanding our brand to include apparel and also handbags. Our Spring 18 collection is gradually coming in now.

Here are few images from our new shift dress collection. This is the Ayala shift dress. It features handmade embroidery. To view each piece up close, please visit

Please spread the love and peace and shop with us! We offer a 25% offer on your first purchase when you sign up for our mailing list which pops up when you first go to our website.


Two Neighbors



What might look like utopia is often not? It is a far more complicated matter, but we have done better than most, and I am proud of my unique style and family. You are all welcome to be a part of it but expect the unexpected. Don't judge what you cannot understand.

Do You Own Your Voice?

There is a quote I found from a writer I follow. Her name is Justine Musk. She is the first wife of Elon Musk, the guy who invented a bunch of things like Paypal and Tesla.

When we talk about finding your voice, we’re talking about your ability to own it. Your voice is not just what you say and how you say it, but who you are.-Justine Musk

I love this quote because it reminds me of myself. I have been trying to find my voice for years. It has always been there but it was stifled. It was like I grew up with a piece of masking tape on my mouth. It started on the bus. I would ride the bus to school, sometimes an hour there and back. The kids on the bus would make fun of me, call me terrible names, throw spit wads in my hair. I just sat there. Mute. Full of rage on the inside, but shy and mute. I felt like I had to take it. I was not worthy to speak up for myself. I was shy and ashamed. I felt ugly, small and weak. I had nothing to say. The rage build and I internalized most of it. I had s…