I work with a social innovation brand that creates fashion items between Israeli and Palestinian women. Currently there is a lot of unrest in the region because last week Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem was the new capital of Israel and he was going to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem. This issue is huge contention between the two sides. (I am not an expert on the region so I will not expand further.)

Meanwhile our brand Two Neighbors is in the middle of production. That does not make it easy for us because part of the fashion items are made in Palestine and half of the work is made in Israel. Some of the staff is required to go back and forth to bring the items. It would be been better if Trump just minded his own business and let that region work out their peace solution.

As a result, it makes me that much more determined to make things progress with Two Neighbors. Despite all the craziness going on in the region, we will continue to move forw…

Kickstarter in Now Live! Pendolare

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live!

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Please like and share on your social media and help us fund our first production!

Update: The Kickstarter was not successful but I have learned a lot more about crowdfunding from this process. Thanks to all who supported us!

I Hate To Travel...said no one ever.


Pendolare- NEW Explainer Video!

Pendolare - Cycling Accessories for the Modern Commuter Pendolare is a bicycle premium fashion brand I have had cooking on the back burner for the past few years. (I notice when things are on the back burner they tend to stay there.) The collection features premium convertible bike bags that can go from the bicyle to the boardroom with just a few convenient straps.

I finally had a video made for the brand to use for social media and perhaps for a future investor. The video turned out great. Check it out here and let me know what you think! 
To learn more go to..

Pendolare-Cycling Accessories for the Modern Commuter

One Bad Apple....

There is an old saying that says, One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch.   Have you heard this quote? I am dealing with this. How do deal with a person that constantly criticizes everything you do and finds fault with every situation? Some people just are negative and very difficult to work with. They do not reason. I don't see a solution. It is like having a gallon of water and putting in 1 drop of poison. It taints the entire gallon of water.

With people, one negative Nelly can ruin the entire team's morale, over time. I have tried to reason, tried ignoring, everything but no matter how hard I try the person is still bitter and more bitter. Sometimes you have to give up, but then how do you deal with them if it continues and they are still part of the team?

That is very difficult. I wish I had more wisdom. I have always been someone who had a good sense of direction in how to deal with difficult people, but this time I am dumbfounded. Where is wisdom when you need her the mo…

Spotlight: Paula Jones: Co-Founder of Two Neighbors

There are many memorable women that have made history. At Two Neighbors there is an amazing woman that is the co-founder behind the brand. Her name is Paula Jones. A retired school teacher, mother, and grandmother, she is the maternal cornerstone of Two Neighbors. We go to her with our challenges and she always has a listening ear and a wise word. We sat down with Paula to learn more about her personal insights on Two Neighbors and what this journey means to her. Q. As Co-Founder, What inspires you most about where the brand is today as compared to the first year?  I am most inspired by the courageous people that work in Two Neighbors. I’ve had the privilege of meeting people from both sides of the conflict who are so dedicated to building peace in the Middle East. In the beginning, the brand was a few women struggling to make cup sleeves and then we took the leap to making women’s apparel. Today we have professional fashion designers, the original group of embroiderers who have been w…

Bull Shit Meter. Do you have one?

I woke up a bit late this morning and noticed my voice mail was full. The first voice mail was from my husband. He said something like he got a call from the IRS this morning and he did not want to be arrested in 24 hours.

I was like, What? Then my bullshit meter went off. First of all, I am in the middle of an IRS audit for 2015. I have been to their office and I have all the paperwork. Second of all, no one gets arrested for owing a few thousand dollars in back taxes. 25% of Americans would be in jail. Everyone knows debtors prison does not exist.

To make a long story short, I called him back and said it was a scam. He was still worried so I did a quick google search on IRS scams and sent him the links.

I lived alone in Thailand and have traveled all over South East Asia by myself for months and months at a time. I have a bullshit meter that is like 10 miles long or even 5,000 miles. Maybe some people are born with a bullshit meter and some aren't.

Your bullshit meter is your fr…