One Bad Apple....

There is an old saying that says, One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole Bunch.   Have you heard this quote? I am dealing with this. How do deal with a person that constantly criticizes everything you do and finds fault with every situation? Some people just are negative and very difficult to work with. They do not reason. I don't see a solution. It is like having a gallon of water and putting in 1 drop of poison. It taints the entire gallon of water.

With people, one negative Nelly can ruin the entire team's morale, over time. I have tried to reason, tried ignoring, everything but no matter how hard I try the person is still bitter and more bitter. Sometimes you have to give up, but then how do you deal with them if it continues and they are still part of the team?

That is very difficult. I wish I had more wisdom. I have always been someone who had a good sense of direction in how to deal with difficult people, but this time I am dumbfounded. Where is wisdom when you need her the mo…

Spotlight: Paula Jones: Co-Founder of Two Neighbors

There are many memorable women that have made history. At Two Neighbors there is an amazing woman that is the co-founder behind the brand. Her name is Paula Jones. A retired school teacher, mother, and grandmother, she is the maternal cornerstone of Two Neighbors. We go to her with our challenges and she always has a listening ear and a wise word. We sat down with Paula to learn more about her personal insights on Two Neighbors and what this journey means to her. Q. As Co-Founder, What inspires you most about where the brand is today as compared to the first year?  I am most inspired by the courageous people that work in Two Neighbors. I’ve had the privilege of meeting people from both sides of the conflict who are so dedicated to building peace in the Middle East. In the beginning, the brand was a few women struggling to make cup sleeves and then we took the leap to making women’s apparel. Today we have professional fashion designers, the original group of embroiderers who have been w…

Bull Shit Meter. Do you have one?

I woke up a bit late this morning and noticed my voice mail was full. The first voice mail was from my husband. He said something like he got a call from the IRS this morning and he did not want to be arrested in 24 hours.

I was like, What? Then my bullshit meter went off. First of all, I am in the middle of an IRS audit for 2015. I have been to their office and I have all the paperwork. Second of all, no one gets arrested for owing a few thousand dollars in back taxes. 25% of Americans would be in jail. Everyone knows debtors prison does not exist.

To make a long story short, I called him back and said it was a scam. He was still worried so I did a quick google search on IRS scams and sent him the links.

I lived alone in Thailand and have traveled all over South East Asia by myself for months and months at a time. I have a bullshit meter that is like 10 miles long or even 5,000 miles. Maybe some people are born with a bullshit meter and some aren't.

Your bullshit meter is your fr…


I love Dorthea Lange. I respect her work as a photojournalist during the 1930's. You might recognize this iconic photo. She took photos of migrant farmworkers during the Great Depression in California, Oregon, and Washington. The look of Desperation and Grit.

When you read and look at photos of that generation the 1930's and then your kid complains because they don't have an iPhone you realize that just a few generations ago, things were not easy for our grandparents. I have photos of my own family and they look like they could have come out of a Steinbeck novel. Yes, those are my grandparents and aunts and uncles. Same generation as the Grapes of Wrath.

Things are different now. No one cares about the past, but it would be so easy for our country to go back there. So many Americans live below the poverty line, but the ideas about poverty now are a bit different than 70 years ago. Now if you are poor you are sometimes 50-100 lbs overweight and still have two cars sitting i…

Authentic Bag Lady

Minimalism vs. Maximalism
Someone told me today that it was bad social media etiquette to post more than once a day. I have never heard of that. But then I don't really listen to what anyone says about anything in the fashion industry unless you are Dolce and Gabanna or someone like that. I do it my way and that is usually fine. In fashion, there are no rules. And the rules they have are meant to be broken.

If you don't evolve every few months in the fashion industry, you get left behind. It's probably the most backstabbing industry to be in beside Hollywood, but I don't care about that. Get out your knives, honey. I do my own thing. I just keep going. I can design anything so that is why I am still here. No one can take your talent from you. They can't. Another designer can come along and do what you do, but no one can take your talent.

I believe in authenticity and as a fashion industry guru, I think it's the best to be authentic and spontaneous. There is no…

Take Every Chance You Get in Life, Because Some Things Only Happen Once

I found this quote online the other day. I borrowed it because I thought it was so good. It is true that some things only happen once. I feel that as I am getting older I am not having as much fun because I am tied down to a mortgage and have a kid to raise. It was much different 20 years ago when I would buy a plane ticket and fly to Europe or Asia for a month or so.

I don't like to sit in front of the TV like most Americans do in the evening. I still like to travel but I can't go as much because of the school schedule and work. What do you do to make your life more interesting? I guess I could try stand up paddle boarding but that is just a one time event.

I had two Chinese exchange students living here this summer. They were only here for six week so each week they would either go to the zoo, try surfing, go shopping, etc. They did not waste a moment of time, they squeezed as many events as they could into their short summer trip here.

I remember feeling that way when I wa…

Social Innovation

I woke up early this morning to jump on a conference call with the team in Palestine, Israel, and the USA. We talked about the meetings they had recently with the villagers in Palestine and how the production and everything was coming along.

Each meeting is started with a check in to see how everyone on the team is feeling and how they are doing both personally and professionally.  It was very odd at the beginning to do this check in thing and I have had to remind myself that the company was founded by a Psychologist.  The founders care just as much about how we feel as the bottom line.

Working for a social innovation brand is much different than working for a regular fashion brand. A normal day in the corporate fashion world is all about sales and chasing trends and dealing with China factories. Working with is like an entirely new universe to me. As an employee in the fashion industry no one ever asked me how I was feeling or what my family was doing, they just…