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Rocco e Dante in SEATTLE METRO magazine Sept. 2009 issue.

Our "Rodney" bag from our upcoming collection is featured in the shopping local section of the SEATTLE Metro magazine . Check it out!

Thigh High boots vs. real life..

This year my daughter starts kindergarten so I will be the one to drop off and pick up. I am sure if I showed up in thigh high boots like Rihanna I would get some really crazy looks from the other moms. I am all about fashion, buts its always a challenge to translate looks on the runway to real way. I have found that most looks from the runway are for me "no way" As an urban woman in her 30's I just can't do the over the thigh boot, I will either look like a worn out stripper from the 80's or they remind me of those munchkins on Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The other problem is real women have like 14 inch calves so its also hard to fit in boots that were designed for women who are 6 feet tall and weigh 115 lbs. Now these up to the knee boots are sexy, but because of the print, I don't think I could pull these off either, they would look like I am trying too hard - but this is about as high as I could go.