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Love Travel, Fashion, Business & Miu Miu!

Miu Miu whimsical jewelry If you follow my blog you will notice I am a little neurotic.  That is just me.  The things I blog about can vary from a heavy bare your soul topic to a  blog post about my crazy travels to Third world countries where I picked up lice.   Yep... just me.  Crazy. Real. Honest.  I love travel, fashion, business and Miu Miu. On a lighter note today I want to talk about my favorite fashion brand. EVER .   That is Miu Miu.  The average American has never heard of it but most of my fashion friends know and love Miu Miu.  Its the younger sister of Italy's Prada, same designer just more whimsical.  Miu Miu is know for its fun, trendy, embellished statement pieces.    I used to collect their shoes when I lived in Los Angeles and there was a Miu Miu flagship store in West Hollywood.  That wonderful store closed a long time ago, so now I only buy Miu Miu when I go to Bologna, Italy for the Linea Pelle trade show.   The stores in Italy have the best selection.

Margaret Neale: Negotiation: Getting What You Want! (Ladies..This Is Worth a Look!)

What a great video for women in the workplace.  Do you need to learn how to negotiate a better salary? Do you need to learn how to negotiate better with your clients to get what you need?  If so, please check out this video! It is totally worth your time if you are a person working in the modern workplace. I share only the best! Ciao, Tara

The Art of Negotiation

In the fashion industry negotiation is a fine art that takes years to develop especially with factories and suppliers.   As a freelance consultant I often run into an issue where a client does not want to pay me to negotiate on their behalf instead they just want to be introduced to a factory and they want to handle it on their own.   Normally this is not the way I like to work, but once in a while if client insists I will go this route. Recently a client wanted me to just hand over the initial introduction and they wanted to take it from there.  Yes, this route would save them money but not in the long run.  Why?  Because he did not know how to negotiate with the factory.   A few months later I get a call.  This particular client was handling their own production with an overseas factory and they were upset they were not getting the results they wanted?  Why?  Halfway through the production process they had informed the factory they had sent the sample out to another factory for a