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Crossroads In Life and Career.

As most of my friends know we are winding down the brand.   It's a tough economy for luxury start up brands and I am no exception.  I have scaled the brand back to an online shop and just a few local stores.  Maybe in the future we can ramp it up again, if I win the lottery or find half a million dollars in my mattress. Now I am at a crossroads, I am interested in taking on a full time job as a designer or something in fashion and possibly working towards an MBA to sharpen my skills. I am hoping a big brand will hire me.  I love design, that is for sure.  I went broke being an entrepreneur and I sure learned a lot of things and about myself as well.  One thing I learned is I hate bookkeeping and working in the warehouse, and following Nordstroms one million page routing guide is a complete nightmare.   What I love? Trend research , design, dealing with cool shop owners, and social media!   Love twitter, Facebook, all that jazz.  I would rather spend hours on social media buildi