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FREE: What Will It Cost You?

FREE. What Will It Cost You? The True Cost of Offering Something of Value for Free The word FREE has been used in advertising since the dawn of time.  We have all heard the old adage, buy one get one free.  Free gift with purchase.  In fact, I worked for a company in Venice Beach that built their entire business around the free gift with purchase model. The company did millions of dollars in sales of those cheap cosmetic bags that you get when you spend $35 or more at the makeup counter in Macy's. (p.s. They cost like 50 cents to make) When is FREE  not good for your business? How do you know when FREE is actually costing you too much time and money?  After over 15 years in the fashion industry, I have had my experiences with free. As a female entrepreneur, I have attended several seminars for women-owned business.  They tell you to give away something for free to attract new customers. For example, a free consultation, a few free hours of work or a free download o

Work Ethics: Inherited or Taught?

Work Ethics: Inherited? No. Taught? Yes.  Recently I had a friend stay with me for one week in my home. She has known me 15 years but has never seen me so up close and personal.  At the end of a few days, she said she was amazed at how I could just open the pantry and make a meal for 5 people out of nothing. I told her I was raised on a farm and I can pretty much make a meal out of whatever is in the pantry.  I am very creative that way and I don't use recipes ever.  This is a skill I learned from my mom.  As I move on in life I realize that my valuable traits such as my tenacity, work ethic, ability to overcome obstacles are because of the way I was raised, not because of my personality.  I am a third generation American farm kid. I worked in the fields and with the animals from a young age. A good work ethic was passed on to me.  I am trying to pass it on to my daughter.  When she complains that she does not have designer clothes or an iPhone I just laugh.  There wil