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Taking a break.

Today I went to look at commercial real estate spaces for an office for Rocco e Dante. I have to say its very stressful to look at real estate. You have to sign a long term lease, its expensive and you never know as small business owner what the future holds. In this economy in the fashion industry its rather fickle. The good thing is that I also do freelance on the side so it helps to keep the $$ coming in if sales are slow. I found this incredible loft, but I am still waiting to hear if we are in or as they say on that reality fashion show, "OUT" So this weekend I decided to take a break and go camping with my parents, family and my adorable loyal pug Rocco. I have to say its a well needed break. I can only look at handbags and tradeshows for so long before I start to feel insane. I mean I feel like I eat handbags, its that bad. I have handbags in every room of my house (even the pantry has been converted to a sample room.) and even in my office they are everywhe