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Fashion Shoot Handbags for Vertigo!

As a designer I am always excited when my designs come out looking fabulous!  I have blogged about the Vertigo brand in the past few months.   We have many fun and trendy collections in production that I designed for the brand.  I designed the bags from first sketch through to production. I also handled all the product development since the handbag department was a new department for the company.  Right now I am the handbag department. (: I coordinated a photo shoot for the newest collection.  Here are some shots from the shoot, these are more for the website (not editorial).  When doing a photo fashion shoot for handbags its important to keep the bag the center of the photo.  As you can see the model is dressed in simple dark denim skinny  jeans, a black tank top and black booties.  Her hair and make up are kept simple.  The bags are meant to be the centerpiece in each shot. Check out a few shots here below: Design by Tara Sauvage for Vertigo Design by Tara Sa

Entrepreneur Success. Suja Juice. Blawnde.

Success.     This word means different things to different people.     My idea of ultimate success is doing what you love and being super successful at it.   An entrepreneur at heart, I have always tried to find a way to do what I love and make money doing it.   I have been able to do what I love and make a living doing it, but I have never been able to be make a killing yet.    I have started a few brands over the years but nothing has made it to top.   (I will try again.) However I run into people in real life that are often able to find that passion and make a killing while doing what they love.   One of those uber success stories is my neighbor Annie. For the past few years, I would often run into an attractive young blonde in our apartment building in La Jolla and we would exchange pleasantries.   Our exchanges were always related to fashion because she was always wearing amazing handbags and cute outfits.   She was super friendly and had an incredible wardrobe.     One d