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Millennial Traits & Fashion Branding/Marketing

Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y are the largest generation in the USA and will out pace baby boomers in spending $200 Billion by 2017.   As a fashion brand how do you cater and target this group?  You must first know who they are and what is important to them.   What is a Millennial?       80 million in the USA       Born between 1980-2000 (approximate)       Largest generation in the USA       What are some of their Traits?          They Love Technology:   They adopt technology quickly and expect it to work.   They grew up with technology and digital devices on a daily basis and most of them sleep with their phone! Overall the millennial don’t watch too much TV and they like to text.   They all have cell phones and almost half of them do not own a land line phone. They use a mobile device to research for shopping and check reviews .   Product reviews are important.   They use their mobile devices for everything from researching product

Need Help with An Apparel Design Idea? Check out Human B!

This past two weeks I have gotten several requests for help with apparel design or referrals for pattern makers.    I have worked in apparel but it is not my specialty.  However, the awesome news is I work closely with an amazing designer and apparel business consultant based out the the Garment District in New York City.    His name is Boaz David and he runs Human B. He can help a new designer start their design from first sketch through to pattern making and production.   For more details check out his website at   Boaz and his team help emerging designers to start and grow their fashion brand, as well as design, develop and produce their product. If you have any questions please feel free to contact him and I am sure he can lead you in the right direction for your apparel startup!

Life In La Jolla Part B.

La Jolla Sunset 2015 When I first started looking at apartments in San Diego in 2013  I was excited about the move from rainy Seattle to San Diego.   I looked at over 20 apartments and applied to like 10 of them.  All of the applications were turned down. I felt hopeless.  No one wanted us.  No one wanted to rent to a family with terrible credit, two small dogs and a kid.  It did not matter than I had a copy of my husbands new salary as proof of income and that it was well above the national average.  Our credit sucked. I was almost in tears when I realized I had been in San Diego for a week and a half and had still not found a place to live.  My kid was 3 states away with my parents, my dogs were at some random dog hotel in Seattle, my husband had already been gone a month working in downtown San Diego fullime while living out of a seedy hotel in Mira Mesa.   I was paying $1800 a month a rental in downtown Seattle.   I had already quit my full time job as an apparel desig