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Rocco e Dante at is an great site for shopping the hottest brands in jeans, tops, handbags and accessories. They carry our new line of leather "Arm Candy" cuffs and bracelets. Check it out and happy shopping!!! Click here to go to

My favorite fashion blog ever!

I love to read the Sartorialist! He is a former fashion NYC guy who now goes form city to city taking photographs of random and known people on the street during their daily lives. I check out his blog on an almost daily basis. In our car culture of Seattle, I don't see much fashion on the streets, unless you stand in downtown Seattle in the rain, but then again everyone is wearing umbrella's and coats, its just not the fashion capital, ok? Sorry. So I check out this guys photos and they are amazing. He captures the romance of the day, something the ordinary person misses if you are just passing by on the street. That is why photography is so amazing, it captures something that a movie or a glance cannot.


I have not spent a dime on my house since my husband got laid off for 8 months in 2009. (OK, I have bought a pair of shoes, but nothing for the house, some serious cutbacks.) I have just noticed recently how drab and crappy all of our towels and furniture looks. The master bathroom clear PVC shower curtain had so much mold on it - it was starting to look pink. Super disgusting! So I was like I can't deal with this anymore. I went to Target and I found this super bright and cool looking red, orange and fuschia PEVA shower curtain for $9.99! I also bought a bright orange bath mat to go with it. My husband actually noticed it (usually when I buy anything he won't notice it for like about a month, then he is like, oh are those new shoes?). He said, "I feel like I am in an Austin Powers movie when I am in the bathroom." OK..but I did notice that it brightened my mood. Weird how a pop of color can do that. I found a similar cool shower curtain online to post

My favorite arm candy!

This is my favorite Italian leather bracelet from our new Rocco e Dante leather cuff collection. The leather is amazing! Divine.

Rocco e Dante ARM CANDY! Leather cuffs and bracelets!

We have these amazing new colors in stock in our "rocker chic" leather cuffs with gold hardware. Black, dark green and Purple. $58.00 on up! You can find these at Clementines and Clutch in Seattle or contact us directly at!