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Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion.

One of my main clients is a slow fashion innovation brand Two Neighbors   Everything is made by hand. However, we often get questions such as why our prices are more expensive than Zara or Forever 21. The majority of people that work in the fashion industry understand fast fashion and slow fashion dynamics. However, the average customer may not. I decided to write a blog about the difference between fast and slow fashion  Slow fashion What is slow fashion?  Once in a while, we get questions from people that are not familiar with the workings of the fashion industry. Recently someone wanted to know why our dresses were not competitively priced like Zara or other fast fashion brands. There is a big difference in the way that fast fashion brands produce their garments as compared to slow fashion brands like Two Neighbors. Fast Fashion brands like Zara, Old Navy and Forever 21, have hundreds of stores throughout the world and produce products in massive qua