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Lifestyle Photography & Ketti Handbags...Love This!

Ciao my darlings... How is your winter going?  It has been a long and wet winter here in Seattle (as usual)..and each winter I say its going to be my last winter, but here I am and its already the Winter of 3013!  I mean 2013, but it feels like I have been here 100 years or more.   Seattle never was my first love but its where I find some new designers... Recently I have met with an inspirational local gal named Ketti.  I love her name! Ketti is a photographer, designer, mom and wife and she has her own fashion line of camera friendly handbags made in the USA.   What I noticed first on her blog,  was her style of taking photos.   She takes images of everyday families and their living spaces.  I really liked the photos she took of her grandmothers kitchen, I noticed the fingerprints on the kitchen cupboards were perfectly captured in time.  Very cool.  Ketti knows how to capture the imperfections of life that make life what it is.   Most photogra