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New A Fashion Blog or Website?

Are you looking for someone to help you build an affordable website for your fashion brand?  Do you need a company that not only knows how to build a website but is an expert at SEO too?  Do you need someone who is already well versed in the fashion industry and has over a decade of working with major Los Angeles fashion brands?  Search no further... Full Circle Search is your answer...they build user friendly websites for the fashion industry and they have over 30 yrs of combined experience in SEO consulting and web design in the fashion industry with various brands in New York and Los Angeles.   Here is a link for their website: The company was founded by two local Los Angeles guys that grew up together in Palos Verdes, Michael Gross and Carl LoGiudice.   Michael has a Global MBA from Thunderbird and Carl went to the University of Southern California. If they ask how you heard about them, tell them Rocco sent you... Ciao! Rocco

Used Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Yes, please!

I remember when I first bought my first luxury bag, a Louis Vuitton monogram Ellipse bag about a decade ago my friends and family thought I was crazy.   I paid about $800 for the bag at the LV store in Beverly Hills.   Now..10 years later, I can sell that same USED bag for about $500-$600 at .  These companies buy and sell luxury brand handbags like Chanel, Prada, Gucci, etc. and they have an official authenticator on hand to verify the bags are real.   So it is worth your money to invest in a luxury handbag, because 5, 10 or 20 years down the road..if you want to sell can get up to 70% of the original value back. On one site if you buy a luxury bag and then change your mind you can trade it back in again.  Its pretty amazing how these bags retain their value year after year, one of the reasons is because companies like Louis Vuitton to not discount their bags and they rarely go on sale.  These luxury brands also are very careful about where they sell t

Expand Your Mind. Travel. Learn. Read. Repeat.

In one of my graduate courses we have a case study on Chad.  Its a little complicated and beyond the scope of my blog so I wont get into detail here.   I have never been to Africa but as part of the studies I have to learn a lot about Chad and Africa.   Its so easy as a middle class American living in a very affluent area to forget about how most of the people in the world live.  I have travelled to many third world countries where people don't have electricity and get their water out of wells in the ground, some of which include Laos, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.   Its easy to forget in your dad to day life about how it really is to survive for most people on the planet.   That is where the quote comes from "first world problems."  Take for example, my iPhone. Its my second iPhone in 4 years.  Lately it erased all of my contacts and phone numbers...annoying, yes.  Life-altering...not really.   Is this a first world problem? Totally!... I believe its never