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#keepgoing I work with a social innovation brand that creates fashion items between Israeli and Palestinian women. Currently there is a lot of unrest in the region because last week Donald Trump announced that Jerusalem was the new capital of Israel and he was going to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem. This issue is huge contention between the two sides. (I am not an expert on the region so I will not expand further.) Meanwhile our brand Two Neighbors is in the middle of production. That does not make it easy for us because part of the fashion items are made in Palestine and half of the work is made in Israel. Some of the staff is required to go back and forth to bring the items. It would be been better if Trump just minded his own business and let that region work out their peace solution. As a result, it makes me that much more determined to make things progress with Two Neighbors. Despite all the craziness going on in the region, we will continue to