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2013. We Don't Know What the Future Holds...

So here we the end of 2013.    What a year it has been!  Last year at this time I was crammed into a super small 750 square foot apartment in downtown Seattle with 2 adults, one kid and two pugs.  Needless to say it was a bit cramped! Now I am living in an amazing location with sun on a daily basis!  Right now I am watching my favorite pug Rocco live out his last days.   When he first started to lose his ability to walk, the vet suggested thousands of dollars worth of MRI's and other expensive procedures, but my gut told me to just take care of Rocco at home.  I knew he was dying.  Today he is still eating but there is a lot of blood in his stool.  I want him to die at home with us, not to be euthanized by a cold Vet who charges $200 just for the procedure.   I have not decided what to do 100% but the main thing is that the dog does not suffer and we feel good about our decision. I wish everyone has a great holiday season and a really prosperous 2014.  I have a goal to