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I Hate To Travel...said no one ever.

Me in the desert It is getting that time of year when I start looking at travel websites. I cannot travel right now due to family issues and other commitments but I can explore the area around me. There is a lot of great places here in Southern California that are interesting and less than a 5 hour drive. What is your backyard? Have a great weekend! Cheers, Fashion Slow Lane

Pendolare- NEW Explainer Video!

Pendolare - Cycling Accessories for the Modern Commuter Pendolare is a bicycle premium fashion brand I have had cooking on the back burner for the past few years. (I notice when things are on the back burner they tend to stay there.) The collection features premium convertible bike bags that can go from the bicyle to the boardroom with just a few convenient straps. I finally had a video made for the brand to use for social media and perhaps for a future investor. The video turned out great. Check it out here and let me know what you think!  To learn more go to.. Pendolare-Cycling Accessories for the Modern Commuter