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I think ETSY is great for people who just make a few items by hand on the side or for a hobby. However for handbag and accessories designers like myself, its impossible to sell on ETSY because frankly I don't hand make 500 handbags per year or whatever it is that I produce. For me, my goal is to make enough bags to actually make a living and a profit, so hand making is not possible. I think hand made things are amazing and there is a market for them, but does it make me less of a designer because I don't hand stitch each piece on my own kitchen table? I am not sure. I can tell you that I design over 100 bags per year and over 12 collections per year in my design studio and on my kitchen table AND I get paid to do it, so that is good. I am afraid of knives and cutting instruments. Really. When I took a pattern making class two years ago in Milan, Italy, the teacher (Signore) was eternally frustrated with me because I did not use the blades to cut the patterns, instead I

Finally got some orders from almost 5 or 6 months ago.

This past few days I have finally received some orders from Linea Pelle show that I placed ages ago. So now I have 75 lbs or purple and green Italian leather that inspired me for some bags, that alas I long forgot about - and the hardware that came in also that was ordered at the Linea Pelle show is like so five months ago. It takes them that long to get it to me, that by the time they do send it, I have forgotten, um..what I was inspired to make with the items...That is my biggest RANT ever is how slow suppliers are....