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Tom Ford-Shoe Designer?

As someone who worked in the footwear industry for over 5 years, I have always admired good design.  I have met a lot of amazing designers that work in the industry.  Trends are great, but some of them are in my opinion, just good for the runway or Rihanna.   I think these boot-shoes-strappy-things look hot on the runway. Rihanna or maybe a high class strip join in Vegas. (not that I know anything about those places). At $3,690.00 these black leather strappy Buckled Sandal Boots can be yours today.  What a bargain!  That was the descriptive title on the Bergdorf Goodman website.  Tom Ford Spring 2013.   For about $4,000 with tax I can think of better pieces of fashion I would want to own, but to each his own. What do you think?  Strappy Buckled Sandal Boots, anyone?  They don't look very comfortable to me. Ciao! Tara Sauvage

My First Job. Cleaning Pig Pens.

My first job was shoveling pig manure on my fathers pig farm in rural Eastern Washington State.  We had to clean the pig pens out in between sows that were ready to give birth.  If I wanted some quick cash I would help my dad out.  He would pay me $4.00 per hour to shovel manure out of the pen.  It was hard work and the smell was to die for.  That smell is nasty, but after you are out in it for about 30 minutes or so, your nose would get used to it. I would wear my yellow Sony Walkman and listen to Madonna while I was shoveling pig was fun times.   I had to wear heavy rubber boots to keep the manure off of my feet, but it would still splatter on your clothes.   It was really disgusting.  There would often be maggots hatching in the manure and often dead carcasses of baby piglets that did not make it.   But I would not think about the grossness factor, it was all about the money.  Now you could not pay me to do that sh$%^ for a living, but back then it was all about raisin