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Happy Holidays & All That Jazz...

Today is my Grandma's 104th birthday.     It certainly is interesting how some people live to be 104 and some live to be 40 or even 4 months.   Life is certainly not fair across the board.   "Life is like a train, you get on and you get off at different stops."   So true.  My grandmother has certainly had a long life.  I don't know how interesting it has been for her personally.  She had a childhood with a lot of siblings and it was not boring, they moved around a lot.   Then she married a really nice guy and they had 5 children.  She did not really have a career but she got to live a little and enjoy life.  I think the reason she has lived so long is because she is super social.  She loves people and laughter.  I think that is the key to a long life.  She loved to entertain and play cards and games with other people.  She smiles more than most people.  It is crazy how time flies.  I have had a busy year going back and forth between two cities.  I hope everyone