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If You Want to be Interesting. Be Interested. - Paul Arden.

If you want to be interesting.. If you are a good listener people will find you interesting just because you listened to them.   In general I am not a good listener.  I have selective hearing.  I got that from my dad.  He could tune us all out and read the newspaper.  It was an art.  Children also have selective hearing.   Anyone who is a parent knows what I am talking about.   In business it is important to be a good listener, often you will find the answer just by listening.  It could be the tone of voice or even what is not said in the conversation that is the clue to what you are listening for. In business, especially as a freelance consultant, I have learned to listen and then know when to put up boundaries.  People often want to tell me their life story when they are working with me on a project.  That is nice, but we are here to get work done.   I listen, but I know when to listen and when not to listen.    Its not all about you all the time.  Listen.  It might help y