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June Already?

Can't believe its almost June!  I don't notice the weather changes as much here in Southern CA as I did in Seattle.   In Seattle June is the beginning of summer, but it does not really start until July.   At any rate, whether we like it or not, school ends in one week, and we are getting our summer sandals ready for the Pacific Ocean.   Have a great summer! Do you remember salt water sandals?

Freelance Handbag Design

We are keeping pretty busy with freelance handbag design.  I am working on my new website. -right now its just a basic landing page because it is under construction.   You can also follow me on facebook.  Here is a link to my fan page. Enjoying the sun in California, although I have to be careful not to get burned.  I wish I had the darker olive toned skin but I am just white and burn super easy. Have a sunny day!  Ciao!