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Kanye West - Fashion Designer?

Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas Original at NYFW was awkward. I  love fashion but I was not feeling this designer look from NYFW.  I don't think body stockings look good on even top models.  This look reminds me of the nude pantyhose we used to wear to church under our dresses in the 1980's.   The granny stockings I wore came in a plastic egg at the grocery store.  I think they were called L'eggs.   Very similar concept except the granny stocking is a body stocking.  I wonder how you go pee?  Mr. West clearly has musical talent but I am not sure he should be a fashion designer.   Just because you have money and can buy your way onto TMZ does not mean you should be a fashion designer.   However, I have to give him credit for having the biggest names in the industry at his fashion show.   I would love to see 65 year old Anna W. in this outfit, but I have a feeling that is not going to happen. I look forward to his next runway show.  Of course I will not be invite