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Leather Jackets!

Leather is really big right now! All the major designers are showing leather jackets, leather pants, and leather accessories. I remember when I was right out of high school I really wanted a leather jacket. So I saved all my tips working at the Red Bird Country Club in Savannah, GA and took the $300 and bought a black mens leather jacket at Wilson's Suede and Leather in a mall in Savannah, GA. It had a elasticized waist and space type shoulder designs, very Michael Jackson. My best friend back in Seattle worked for a custom embroidery company and so she embroidered my name in black on the leather collar. The black leather coat was heavy and amazing, it was a mens size 40 and I wore that jacket for about ten years, all through college. I wish I still had it. About 5 yrs ago when my husband and I purchased our first condo in Los Angeles, I had to purge my closet and it went to Goodwill. Somewhere, most likely in Los Angeles, someone has a black leather jacket with my name stitched in

Sold out of Rocco and Dr. Phil bag.

I am pleased to announce we are sold out of the Dr. Phil and the red Rocco satchel. We are almost sold out of the Carlo coin purse..we started with 300 pcs so I am surprised at how popular that style has been because it was a last minute add on when I ordered it last season. That is great because it makes more room in our office for new stock. We look forward to having new stock in 2010. Check back or follow our blog to keep informed. Thanks again to all of our customers and for supporting small business.