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A European Summer

I just read an article on the Business of Fashion   that was about how Paris is closed for the month of August.  Everyone in the city goes on a 4 week vacation in August.  Shops close, major corporate offices shut down and people are just not home.  Sounds nice! In America I think the average worker feels guilty if we take a 10 day vacation out of state.  WTH is wrong with us?  How come we are not like the Europeans?  I remember when I got married about 10 years ago, my boss was very angry when I took the day off AFTER my wedding!  One day!  I was exhausted, had a million people in town, and just needed a "rest" day after all I had just had a big wedding the day before.   Then when I wanted to take a honeymoon to Thailand, I had to ask permission six months in advance and postpone it for five months. Then they tried to make me fee bad about it.  Wow!  I left that company a few years later because I was exhausted after being on the road for 12 da