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Vertigo-Fast Fashion Meets the Fashion Slow Lane!

I have worked in mostly leather goods for the past decade.  I am currently working on a handbag project which involves fast fashion vegan leather handbags & accessories.  Fast fashion is a totally different animal than working in leather goods.  The factory turn around time is much quicker, the bags are very affordable and the shelf life of a fashion item is much shorter than traditional leather goods. Some examples of fast fashion include Zara, Forever 21, Nordstrom Brass Plum and countless junior brands.    I designed a bag I named the "Katy" bag a few short weeks ago.  It has already been sampled, featured in the fall fashion campaign and is going on a billboard shortly in Los Angeles.  Currently the bags are in production.  Talk about fast!  That was less than two months from first sketch through to production.  I handled everything from first sketch through to production.   The brand I am working with is a contemporary women's fashion brand based out