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You Don't Know What You Have Until It is Gone.

Rest in Peace Darling 2014-2020. I Miss You.    I did not feel well the other day, so I went to urgent care at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla/Torrey Pines at 7:30 PM after we walked the Marco and had dinner. I did a bunch of tests and came home at 11:30 PM. Marco the pug had been walked and fed already - I had a sandwich and gave him the crust and at 12:30 PM I took him outside to walk around a little bit for his nightly "pee" walk. To get him and the cat to go downstairs I normally use a piece of cheese or lunch meat. I brought out a piece of lunch meat. Otis the cat grabbed most of it and left part of it at the top of the stairs. Marco ate it and ran down the stairs to the door to get his leash on. (this is our routine) The dew was already out at a little after midnight and he kept stopping to sniff the trees he normally pees on. He peed on a few then after about 5 I decided to take him inside because it was already past midnight and I was exhausted. I would have gone for a l