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Have a Start Up Fashion Business Idea? Need Help? Read on...

In the past several years I have helped dozens of start up and potential start-up fashion brands. I have met them when they are just tossing an idea around or after they have already got their brand idea off the ground and need help with the design or sourcing stage. At Sauvage Private Label LLC, our specialty is start-up consulting for fashion brands.  Whether you are just figuring out what your name brand will be or if you are at the point where you need seed money to take your business to the next level, we can help! We can also be the designer behind your brand.  Who said anyone has to know you are not the designer of your products?  We have designed several collections for brands that refer to themselves as the "designer."  That is fine.  Our goal is to help your brand succeed. Need help?  Let's talk money.  Many start-up brand consultants put the money talk off for the last minute.  We prefer to be up front. The first 20-30 minute call to find