Pendolare Bicycle bags & Joey Energy

PENDOLARE Spring Promotion! 

All Pendolare bicycle bags come with a Joey Energy System to make it a Smart Bag! The Joey is a small portable device that fits inside each bicycle bag. It comes with an app that makes it easy to use! 

Some of the features of the Joey Energy system include;

  • Phone Charging: You can add up to 25 hours of talk time to your phone.
  • Bluetooth Phone Finding: Have you ever lost your phone in the house? Now you can find it with a button in your bag. 
  • Bluetooth Distance Alarm: If you leave your bag behind a phone alarm sounds. If someone tries to take your bag, the alarm sounds. Helps protect your bag too! 
  • LED Light: Use bright light to find everything in your bag. 
  • Charge Timer: Want to share power with your friends while you are out? The countdown timer gives them enough power to get home and then shuts off, so you don't drain your battery. 
  • Dual Charging: Plug your phone into the bag and plug the bag into the wall and everything is charged overnight.
  • Juice Jacking Protection: Criminals are now hacking USB ports. The Joey has a virus blocker and firewall to protect your phone if you ever need to use a public USB port. 
  • Digital Clock: Convenient clock in your bag
  • Ring: Use your phone to ring your bag. That's an easy way to confirm your Bluetooth connection. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your Smart bicycle bag today! 


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