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Yesterday the news was all about the high school shooting in Florida. The Facebook posts starting piling up last night as more and more people lamented about how we need change and how there are too many guns in America. Then the other people who own guns went on a rampage and say that they have the right to own guns and it is mental illness and not guns that are killing people. The argument could go on until the cows come home. This post is not about the arguments. There is another aspect that needs to be looked at closer.  That is the disconnect in our society. We have more money today, we are more connected than ever with our digital devices, but at the same time, we are more disconnected. Now children do not come out to play. Instead, they sit inside their bedrooms playing video games or watching youtube videos. Tweens and teens spend hours on Instagram and social media. A generation or two ago teens met after school at the local burger joint. They talked to their friends in pe