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A Season For Everything Under the Sun...Peace For Your Eternal Slumber...Sonia

Me and Sonia negative from photo shoot - Long Beach, CA  I was up late the other night watching YouTube videos of TLC reality shows.  I came across one of their more ridiculous shows  "Trophy Wives" about these young women in Beverly Hills who are married to old billionaires.  I started to watch a trailer of one of the shows and one of the reality stars  reminded me of my friend Sonia White.   I had lost touch with Sonia in the past few years so I decided to google her to see if I could find her on online.  I put her name into google and instead of finding her on facebook,  I got her obituary.   It broke my heart and I could not sleep the rest of the night. Sonia and I met in 1995 in Seattle when she was dating my boss at Champion Footwear.  She would come into the office once in a while and I got to know her.  She was a slim, beautiful 22 year old girl with amazing black curly hair.   She was super sweet and I really liked her.   She ended up moving to Manhattan Beac

Chalk Art - Little Italy!

This weekend we went to the street festival in Little Italy located in downtown San Diego.   The chalk art was amazing.  These photos were taken with my IPhone 4!  My favorite was the Dogue Italia-very clever.  Anna Wintour would be proud. (: The food was tasty as well.  San Diego maybe a small city but we do have some great cultural activities. Enjoy! Ciao, Rocco

We Have Come a Long Way Baby..But We Still Have a Long Way to Go!

Recently I read the book called Lean In by the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg.  In her book she covers many topics that working women deal with and offers practical solutions on how to overcome them.  Its modern successful women like her who are great examples for females of all ages and most importantly young women who are just starting their careers.    I think women have come a long way in the past 50 years, but I had an experience recently that made me realize we still have a long way to go in terms of workplace equality. If I can share my experience and it helps someone else then its worth putting myself out there, hence this blog post. Recently I answered an advertisement for a position in the handbag industry.  I have been doing  freelance work, but I am always looking for new gigs as I just moved to California 5 months ago and I am not working full time.   The job sounded like it would be an opportunity to learn a new sector in the industry, so I forwarded my resume to h