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Super Size America, Is Bigger Better?

What do you think about this statement regarding America? "In a culture comprised of 5% of the world population, using 75% of the world's resources, we have come to accept excess as a way of life and a standard to subscribe to." Do you feel this way is true? Bigger is better?  I currently live in a 775 square foot apartment and I drive a 7 year old VW Jetta so I do not personally subscribe to this way of thinking.  Not only because I live an urban lifestyle, but too much "stuff" tends to stress me out.  I did not grow up in a large house so I am not used to having massive extra space and stuff.   Do you work harder to buy more "stuff"? or do you work hard for other reasons?  I like to challenge myself, and I like nice clothes and shoes, but even if I had the money I don't think I would buy a McMansion or a giant auto. I would rather travel and have memories than fancy "stuff". Would be great to hear other opinions on this topi

My New Valet

My kid bringing the cart to help us load our earthly possessions after our trip to the cabin recently.   Sometimes you just need a little help in life.  Amen?