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SAUVAGE Private Label LLC - Freelance Fashion Accessories Design & Consulting

Sauvage Private Label Design  - Click here to fan our facebook page! My day job is a freelance designer for handbags, belts and small leather goods.  I also do social media for fashion brands in Southern California.  I also work with other designers and graphic artists as needed based on the scope of the project.  I enjoy working with start up brands as well as established larger brands. My mom is a great designer and knows a lot about how to design and produce a collection.  Call her!  Xo - Dante The Pug!

Life At 102. My Timeless BFF

Last weekend I went to see my Grandma Sauvage.   I called her to let her know I was coming the day before.  She lives in an assisted living community in a suburb of Seattle.  Next month she will be 102 years old.   When I went in to see her I noticed her hair was very greasy.  This is what happens when you are 102, taking a shower on your own becomes more of a chore.  I wish the staff at the assisted living place where she lives would say something or help her out more, but I knew my aunt was on her way to visit so maybe she would notice and say something about it. (wishful thinking?)  Its really not my place to say anything since my grandmother has 5 living adult children who look after her.  Overall she is well cared for and smiles a lot.  She said she was blessed and had not pain. I love my grandmother and don't see her as just an older woman who used to make pies.  She was much more than that.  I spent a lot of one on one time with her from childhood through adulthood.  The c

Witch, Doctor?

My Experience with "Alternative" or "New Age" Medicine... I think there is a place for alternative medicine, but I am not a fan of those who forgo conventional medicine all together for themselves and their children.  In the past few years I have suffered from chronic upper back pain and after conventional medicine did not really help I tried a procedure where they inserted large needles into my muscles to release the spasms.   I also went to a chiropractor several times, massage therapists, and enjoyed Acupuncture.   I also tried different forms of clinical therapy that are "New Age"  (I was living in Seattle after all..every other corner is a "New Age" place).  Some of them worked some of them didn't.  My insurance company was billed hundreds and thousands of dollars for these alternative therapies but none of them cured me but they did relax me!   The only thing that worked was a low dose opiate and physical therapy exercise to strength