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7 Important Points To Consider Before Starting a Handbag Line.

So You Want to Start Your Own Handbag Line?  7 Important Points To Consider Before Starting A Handbag Line. By Tara Sauvage  1.  Do you know how to draw?   Can you sketch your designs and do a tech pack?   If so, fantastic!   If not, how will you be able to translate your fabulous design ideas so a pattern maker can make a technical pattern for production?    To help bridge that gap you may want to consider hiring a handbag designer to help turn your design vision into a functional bag. 2.   Price Point Will Determine Materials.     It is important to figure out your retail price point before starting a collection, as this will determine the materials you can use.   Many new aspiring handbag designers want to make a luxury leather bag collection that retails for under $100.    They will go as far as writing this into their business plan before they do their homework and realize that leather costs $5.00-$10.00 per square foot and an a