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Real Housewives of OC

Just got done watching the latest edition of RH of OC. Vicki needs to wear longer skirts. They say when you are over 35 not to wear mini-skirts, and she is like 48 and has huge thighs. I am 38 and don't wear a short skirt unless I wear black tights and I have nice thighs. Just sayin'. I think Gretchen dresses the cutest and most fashionable, she has a great figure and does not have huge fake DDD breasts. To be honest, I am so over the fake tits and fake hair thing that was so fashion in LA for the past decade. I am so over it. I like thin women with smaller chests and long brown hair - like 70's style. The Pamela looks is SO OVER. So ladies, if you are saving your money for a big boob job, don't bother, the hottest chicks now are not Pamela Anderson and porno star figures, its more natural, slender and really amazing hair and clear skin. I have never had an issue with my chest, I have been a 34B my whole life and 120-130 lbs. I am not thin, not fat, just ave

Fashion blogger?

I am not a very dedicated fashion blogger. I still do have opinions about things in fashion but I get so busy I forgot to write about them. One of them was that I really loved the dress that LiLo wore to the Golden Globes parties. It was a sequined mini dress and it has a hoodie on it, that I thought was adorable. A lot of bloggers wrote about how stupid that dress was, but I though it was super groovy. Is that still a word? I love hoodies and I loved the way they put a hoodie on a glamour type mini dress, it was a really fun twist. I will have to find a photo and post it on here. I have like 1,001 things to do each day its hard to keep up with my blogs, facebook, myspace, clients and my own small fashion line. Not to mention a five year old, two dogs and a house., etc.