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Amazing Italian handbag hardware...

I met this really great family owned business in Milan that manufactures and has traditional and unique hardware for handbags and leather goods. In fact, I liked them so much that I decided to help them to bring their business to the USA market. They have great quality hardware and I like the fact that they are a family run business and they can do smaller MOQ for custom hardware! Check out their online catalog here, and if you want to order something please feel free to contact me or contact them directly, I teamed up with them to help with the USA market. Smart Accessori If you need help with your handbag design and collection development, please email me at   I have been in handbag design for 15 years and can help you design and get your collection manufactured.   We work with leather and non leather materials. For more info on handbag and accessories design check out Ciao, Tara Sauvage Designer Sauvage Private Label