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Letters From The Philippines - New update July 2021

I am sad to report that my wonderful dear friend of over 30 years has passed away. We met as teen penpals. I got a message today from her eldest son that she had died in her sleep. I am very humbled and grateful for all the years we had as friends in person. and over the miles. Nothing can replace such a unique and cherished friendship. I was not expecting this. Lummie was a very religious person and had deep faith in God. I am sure she is in a peaceful place now. I wish she could have stayed longer.  "Everything we have ever lost will come back again in some form." - Rumi When I was a teen I had a penpal in The Philippines.  We wrote back and forth for over 20 years, way before the Internet.   She started a family at age 16 and lived in a village in Mindanao, Southern Phillippines.   I grew up in Washington state in a middle-class farm family and went on to college and a career in Los Angeles.   We kept in touch via snail mail all those years.  Now in 2020, we are Faceboo