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Support Small Business!

As the lockdown continues in California and other parts of the world, many small businesses are suffering. The reason for this post is so we are not forgotten. We want to remind everyone that we are still open for business and shipping our beautiful Italian leather handbags. Each bag is wrapped in plastic and shipped directly from our secure San Diego location. (not a third party shipping service.) To show our appreciation for all orders we are giving away a Free Gift with Purchase for each order! Each order will receive an Italian leather cuff bracelet (retail value $98!) Thanks in advance for supporting small.  Go to to browse our selection. X, Rocco 

How Has Lock In Changed Your Life?

We are going on week 3 of lock-in due to Covid-19. I am working from home while managing a 9th grader who is allergic to homework, especially the online kind. However, we are making progress. The most problematic thing is that I have only been sleeping every third night. I think the bad news is are facing on a daily basis has triggered the PTSD that I had in 2005/06.  I do not feel anxiety during the day but for the life of me, I cannot sleep at night. It is a strange situation to be in. We are fairly lucky, although some of our salaries have been cut, we are both formally still employed. I think the mental health issues that will arise from the Lock-In will be pretty bad. My normally happy go, lucky teen, has been having depression for the first time in her life, so that is worrisome. I make sure she walks daily and I have been taking her to McDonald's drive-through by our house just to order something to make her feel normal. It is the least I can do. We do not take her to