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New handbags update.

I have had a lot of emails lately over where is my new handbags? I just wanted to let everyone know that my handbag and accessories line is self funded. Which means by day I do freelance design gigs for other companies in the fashion industry. With that income I put it back into my own collection. As a freelance designer, the gigs come and go as they may, and some are far and few between, so I am able to run production based on how much work I can bring in as a freelance designer. Therefore a this stage, my collection is still very small and grass roots. It has developed organically over the past two years. I run the company from A to Z. I don't have any employees, its just me, myself and I. I am very thankful to all my fans and to the customers who purchase our products. Everything I earn goes back into the business to keep it going. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do for a living and I know I have the talent. My ultimate dream right now would be to get an Angel

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