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Black & Gold Is My Fave.

I have always loved black leather and gold hardware together on a bag!  It is timeless and a little bit edgy at the same time.  Here are some of my latest creations in black and gold for Vertigo Handbags. These handbags and accessories were designed to be fun, fashion forward and affordable.   You can order these and other designs by Vertigo at and coming soon to  Also available at the Beverly Hills boutique located at 469 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.   Design by Tara Sauvage Cheers, Rocco Loving this funky square shape.  New twist. Gold accents add a touch of glam Simple jeans and a T.  Gold tip shoes!  Love the chunky gold zippers

Introducing The Studded backpack by Vertigo!

Introducing the new studded top handle bag by Vertigo.   This bag is a cross between a top handle bag and a backpack.  It features cool chunky hardware and studs to add a touch of rock and roll.   Available in cobalt blue or black Vegan leather. (faux leather) Order online today at Available at Vertigo boutique, 469 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Handbag design by Tara Sauvage Ciao, Tara & Rocco Toxic Front View Side view Back View

My Experience with AirBNB

In the past few months a lot of people have asked me about my personal experiences with AirBNB. I have used AirBNB in Los Angeles and Seattle to date.  As a single white female  I am pretty careful about what types of bookings I make in Los Angeles. As most people know, Los Angeles is a huge sprawling city with lots of great neighborhoods and many pockets of seedy neighborhoods that are part of the landscape of a crazy urban wasteland. I normally look for listings that have a separate entrance or studio on the property.  I do not book listings where it is a private room inside the home of a stranger.   I am no longer a college student and do not feel comfortable just crashing in a bedroom in a random  house.   I have to have my own entrance and bathroom.   I am not an expert on Los Angeles but I do try to find locations that are safe. The first place I booked was a studio attached to a house in Mt. Washington.  The listing said it was in a great hipster safe neighborhood and tha