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Have a Fabulous Idea For A Bag & Want to Make a Prototype?

Do you have a bag idea and want to create a sample?  There is much more to it then that-read on to learn more!  When you hire a freelance designer to design your collection and to take it to a manufacturer, a good designer needs to get in your head.  We need to learn about the brand, the target audience, the price point and the DNA of the brand. Your Brand Considerations  -Target Audience demographics - Price points - Competition in the market - Brand DNA - Distribution Channels - Name and logo design   For example if you are designing a collection of travel bags for mature professional women that can be sold at Nordstrom then your colors, materials and factory will be different than someone who is designing a kids handbag collection with matching charms that will be sold at Kids R Us.  The materials, factory and themes are completely different.  The trims and metal fittings on the bag designs will be completely different. DESIGN Considerations - Function and P

La Jolla: Bloody Mary's and The Beach

Bloody Mary's and The Beach  I have been living in La Jolla for 2.7 years. It has been an interesting journey.  When I first moved here I was worried that I would not fit in such an affluent and small town.   I have had some ups and downs but overall it has been divine! Some of the not so great things;  In the past few months I have had a PTA mom tell me that she was sorry I had to work in Los Angeles and that I could not be there for my child and basically that I should just drop my kid off at her mansion because she had a private nanny and tutor.  How could I not trust her?  After all, she was rich and probably beautiful? The thing is that I am also amazing, rich (in my own way) and awesome and I don't take crap from people like her.  I just blocked her number.  (:  It is an easy way to get rid of La Jolla PTA moms that are sure God put them on the earth just to bake the perfect cookies and tell the working moms they feel sorry for them. Then last fall here in La Joll