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The Bus

The Bus I was in Puerto Rico for vacation. My husband and I went to an island called Vieques and signed up for a tour to see the bioluminescent algae that light up in the bay at night.  That evening we arrived at the location in front of a hotel to be picked up by the van. The "van" that was going to drive us to the shore was a converted American yellow school bus circa 1975.  It had high backed black Naugahyde seats. We sat down in one of the benches along with the other tourists.  Immediately I started to get extreme anxiety and turned to my husband: "I have to get off this bus."  My heart was beating really fast, and I felt like I was going to pass out or have a panic attack.  As I sat there trying to calm myself down, I realized it was on the school bus that freaked me out.  Just sitting on the bus brought back all the memories from my childhood... My earliest school bus memories were when we lived out in Sage Brush Flats several miles outsid