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White Privilege

With the current headlines about racism and inequality in the USA, I was reflecting on my first experience with racial inequality and what we now term, "white privilege". I am a white female. I grew up in a predominately white area in rural Eastern Washington.  The population was white with a Hispanic minority. I did not experience overt racism at the time as it was a small town and everyone knew each other, and it seemed like we were all poor farm kids. My best friend was Mexican and we went together everywhere, she even lived with us for one summer.  My first experience with overt racism was when I was 18 years old. I moved from my parent's farm to Savannah, Georgia to live with an upper-middle-class white family. I enrolled at Armstrong State University, now  Georgia Southern University–Armstrong Campus. It was and still is a predominately black commuter college. I was a minority but I felt comfortable on the campus. All the students were well dressed, respec