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The Vortex. Sedona, Arizona and The Space Age!

I recently drove  9 hours across the desert from San Diego to Sedona, Arizona.   The drive was the long, boring and hot.  (not sure how else to describe the Arizona desert).   The average outside temperature was 104 degrees.   Driving across the Arizona desert in a 10 year old Jetta after the engine light comes on is not exactly intelligent - but we made it.  We made it after several stops to cool down and to make sure the engine did not overheat.   Over the years I have heard about Sedona being a place for New Age types and a great place to visit. We met up with my parents in Sedona for the weekend.   I have head all about how the spa treatments in Sedona are a must do.   I did not book in advance so the best I could do was a chair massage, 20 minutes for $30.00 plus tip.   I signed my mom and I up for our mini chair massage.  An older woman was the masseuse and during our short session to tried to explain how energy forces around the body work etc.   Its all about the Vort