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Happy New Year!   I don't know what the future holds but I am hoping its a great year! Hope you and your family have health and many blessings in the new year!  Ciao! Tara Sauvage Follow my blog with Bloglovin


I have not experienced a lot of grief from loss in the past decades.  I have a lost a few grandparents, but they were older and since I did not see them on a daily basis, the grief was less of a process.  I cried at the funeral and when I thought of them later on, but I did not feel that heart wrenching sadness you feel when you lose a child, spouse or parent, that you hear about.  I have lost a few good friends and get sad when I think about them and still do, but its not that gut wrenching sadness. Almost 12 years ago I was walking on the Strand in Manhattan Beach.  This lady was walking two beautiful pugs and I fell in love with them right away.   I asked her where she got the pugs, so she invited me into her mansion on The Strand while she got the phone number of her breeder. Less than two years later, I put a deposit down on one of those lovely pugs and I had my own pug baby in March of 2004.   We named him Rocco Sauvage LoGiudice and he was so beautiful.   I would take him to