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Life In The Barrio - Southern Davao, The Philippines

Life in the Barrio A young American woman views on life in a remote village in Southern Davao, The Philippines  (Disclaimer:  I wrote this when I was 25 years old and this story is based own personal experiences & travel journal entries at that time) I have traveled to the Philippines three times. I always go to the same place in Southern Davao on Mindanao Island. Life in “the barrio” I visit there is very interesting.  The barrio consists of a group of houses in one area of the province, like a subdivision of the main town. In Southern Davao, most of the families live in the same general area. When a couple gets married, they build a house on their family plot of land, so everyone in the family lives closely together.  Gossip.  Everyone knows what everyone else in doing; gossip is the mainstay of life. Because there are no telephones and no jobs for the women, most of the housewives sit around and gossip. After returning from their menial jobs,

AllieLor Luxe Rock Collection!

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My New Favorite Shoe Brand! Vince Camuto

I have always courted various shoe brands over the years.   For a while I was into Miu Miu and for each birthday or anniversary I would go to the Miu Miu flagship store in West Hollywood (they are closed now) and buy a new pair or when I was in Italy for the Linea Pelle show I would go to the local Prada/Miu Miu store and get the latest pair.   They usually set me back $400-$600 dollars per pair.   Eventually it got to the point where I could not justify adding to my Miu Miu collection. In the past few years I have not found a good brand that I can buy every season.  A new footwear brand will pop up but their quality and designs are often inconsistent and or they go out of business after a few years. As a former shoe designer, I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars on a good pair of leather shoes that will last a few years.  For the record,  I am total shoe snob and I don't buy fake leather shoes like Steve Madden, etc that hurt your feet after 15 minutes and rip after