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115 Degrees Farenheit

I recently spent 4 days in the desert.  It was about 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  On the way to Palm Springs, we stopped at Borrego Springs.  Every restaurant and hotel were closed except for one restaurant. It gets so hot that there is no one is there except for a few year round retirees that probably cannot afford to go anywhere else.

We stopped to look at the sculptures in the desert. They were amazing. Just to get out of the car to get up close to the structures was like stepping into an oven.  I could only bear the heat for about 2-3 minutes to get a few shots.

It was definitely great to get out of town. I work from my home office/design studio now in San Diego most of the time and it was amazing to be able to drive just 2 hours away and it was like stepping onto another planet. Borrego

The desert is too hot for me. I cannot tolerate the heat. In Palm Springs the only way I could bear it was to be in the pool all day.  Then after 8 PM, it was bearable.

We also stopped at the Sultan …