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How To Charge What You Are Worth!

This is an amazing blog article and so timely for me personally!  I often struggle with what rate to charge for freelance work.  Some clients want to pay me by the hour to design bags or just answer emails to the China factory.   What clients don't understand is that to answer the emails or design the bag, takes knowledge far more deeper more than the time it takes to sketch a bag or write an email.  That is why charging by the hour rarely works for me and cheapens my value!  Its also better to let the low ball gigs pass you by so you can focus on the ones that are really worth your time!  Its better to charge by the scope of the project and based on your knowledge....this article is a must read for consultants or freelancers.  Reposted from my friends blog:   How much should you get paid? When you’re an employee, it’s a relatively easy question to answer. Go online to a site like Glassdoor and look up median salaries in your field. Factor in geograph