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Fashion Slow Lane Trip to Israel and Palestine

Fashion Slow Lane in the Middle East
I just got back from a crazy trip to Israel and Palestinian territories. I went there on behalf of Two Neighbors to check our fashion production and meet with the team in Israel as well as in the village in the West Bank (Palestine area). It was a really good meeting with our embroidery ladies in the West Bank, as a designer myself I was able to give them design direction on new designs for 2019. Our Palestinian Co-Manager was there to interpret between Arabic and English for me.

We did a side trip through the Palestinian city of Hebron and that is where I saw the camel meat shop. The camel head was quite shocking, I am not sure why they wanted to hang the camel head in front of the shop, maybe so that people would know it was a fresh cut! Ewww

In the West Bank, we stopped to use a gas station toilet which was located near a Jewish settlement and when I came out of the bathroom, an Israeli army guy with a machine gun was standing by the car they d…