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Goodbye Washington! Seven Years.

Me on Washington Coast I grew up in Washington State.  It has been good and bad to me.   I feel like times flies very fast when I live in Seattle, but nothing changes, and everything stays the same.   People are not as open in Seattle, it might have something to do with the rain.   I tried for five years to be part of the local fashion community but it was and is stale at best.   I have made a few great friends, but I don't want to retire here or live here, so its time to move on.  I feel like I still have a lot of growth to make as a person, in my career, and I feel like I have been frozen in time in Seattle. Rocco on rare Seattle Sunny Day Goodbye, Seattle.  It has been fun.  Seven rainy winters, Seven bouts of S.A.D. during the Seven long and gloomy winters.   Rocco has been depressed for seven years...he misses the sun.   I have to make it up to him so he can retire in sunny Southern California. I went to visit my grandma yesterday in Bothell.  She is 101 years o

My Favorite Park in Bologna, Italy.

This is my favorite park in Bologna, Italy.  Have you ever been here? I also like the interesting door knockers.  Love this one.  I guess I will move here someday.  It has more interesting things to view than the United States for me anyway.