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Amazing blues and purples at Linea Pelle show in Bologna!

Just flew back from Bologna, Italy where I went to the Linea Pelle show for Fall/Winter 2010/11. I found the most amazing accessories, unique and fun, and the skins are lots of metallics in purples and greens. Purple is popular now and will be for some time to come, if we are going by what is at the Linea Pelle show. They are doing so many amazing leather treatments these days, but my favorite is the the deep colors with a bit of metallic shine to them and some texture. I also like pull up treatment. There was tons of animal prints and metallics - but those skins are going for like 50 Euro on up per square meter, pretty expensive for our line! But great to get an idea for what the more high end Italian brands will be doing! Its always cool to see everything, its inspiring, because here in Seattle, there is not enough fashion! Of course we are not allowed to take photos inside the show, some of the suppliers would screen you from even coming into their booth, but I took some o