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Fashion Accessories Lead Time

As a freelance fashion designer and consultant I spent a lot of time educating my clients about the process.   There have been many times where after I design a handbag or accessories collection for a client the expect to have the samples in a few weeks.   I put this timeline together to educate people that are new to the fashion industry about the lead time. Designing and launching a fashion collection of handbags or other accessories is extremely time consuming and complicated.  There are many steps to the process and it takes months (not weeks) to launch a line. My goal as a fashion consultant is not only to make beautiful products that sell but also to manage the complicated process for my clients.  I enjoy the process and have been managing this product development and production process for 15 years.   It is amazing to see your sketch turn into a final wearable product! Check out my new info-graphic about the fashion timeline.  If you have any questions or need help with